This election is not just about Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

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As days go by and the campaign intensifies new suicidal fallacies keep springing up. Old ideologies are forgotten, new ones keep emerging and the core issues completely neglected, denied or simply forgotten. In my little world I have come to believe that it would be wrong for me or you to make this election a GEJ or Buhari issue. For me it goes beyond that.

This election is not just about Jonathan. It is about 16 years of PDP in power. It is about what have we benefited from the government of PDP? It is not about road repairs and reconstructions. It is about core issues. Issues that we have been hopeful democratic government will address. I am in the dark as to why my people would be head long into supporting a party that has turned blind eyes to our agitations.

In the North there are 41 developmental projects going there all initiatives of GEJ government. How many developmental projects of PDP going on in the south east? Is there any remarkable federal presence in the east that could be attributed to PDP? It is worrisome to me reading some of my people giving chronicle of road repairs, as evidence of good governance. How about security and fair distribution of federal projects?

There is too much talk about the antecedents of Buhari. The funny aspect is that those who propagate this have refused to see the fear factor in this but will go to any length to tag any response to their ideas as being informed by fear. If you ask me the issue is more than being afraid of anything but about being real. How can we continue to use the same excuse to defend and support those who never for once defended us?

Too much have been said about the massacre of 2011. It pains me to read how my people did not see it as a moral weakness on the part of the president not to have given us justice as a closure to that unfortunate incident. It behooves the commander in chief to defend his people. If the president is judged to be good because of road constructions, how about security?

In security the president has demonstrated that he is incapable of defending this country and its citizens. On the south eastern part, that the president and the party we gave our block votes failed to investigate the Ezu River bodies is a security failure. That the president has not been able to apprehend any suspect sponsors of Boko Haram in the North is a failure. That the same president turns a blind eye to the allegations that Niger delta men imported 7 state of the art warships into Nigeria is a security breach. that the same president sends his soldiers to the south east to kill on sight MASSOB members who does not carry arm is a betrayal of the people that trusted in him. If as an Igbo citizen you see these things and still want to convince me to vote for GEJ, you are being insensitive to my security. Is MASSOB a security threat to Nigeria? Of course not. How many of them languishing in jail in Nigeria today? Over 200 held without trial. This convinces me the more that we are not represented in the government of PDP. For me this is not just about GEJ, it is about the continuation of injustices against us by the federal government.

Today we are politically endangered species in Nigeria. Ndigbo is today a minority group in Nigeria. Oh yes I know you would blame it on the military. What has PDP done in 16 years to address the injustice? In national assembly we are minority. In the senate we are minority. In the state council we are minority. In the national security council we are absent. Yet we are stumbling on one another to vote PDP because Jonathan is Azikiwe?

Good roads, water, electricity supply are all a given that should be provided by any government in power. How come they have been translated into a favour from the PDP government? The epileptic electric supply has been brushed aside just to make GEJ look good.

Ndigbo I am asking you what happened to our demands? Why is no one bringing it up during this campaign? I really want to know. Who is benefiting from the collective injustices we suffer in Nigeria? Does it worth it hitting our heads together because of GEJ or PDP. I do not think it is wrong to try a new option when the old one has become obsolete. The worth hates us but which tribe in Nigeria loves ndigbo? Which tribe trusts us? It is high time we learn what others are doing to get to the top than playing the role of a subordinate subject. My understanding is that people use their cause to negotiate where their votes should be. Today what happened to our negotiations and promises from GEJ?

If up till now we are not aware that GEJ and PDP has destroyed our political structure and class then you are looking at the wrong direction. Where are our leaders of thought? They have all gone to limbo because they have been compromised. Not for once have I read any update itemizing our demands from PDP. Why is this? Primarily because we are out to get our own pound of flesh from this old religious bigot called Buhari. I laugh whenever I read things like this. Old age was used against Zik in 1983 by our men. Today we are using the same thing we condemned as a political weapon. is it not funny?

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