Jonathan will transform Nigeria beyond imagination – Dr. Olejeme

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The deputy chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Sunday described the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as an epitome of sincerity

She also said that the only way the future of Nigerian youths could be guaranteed was for them to support President Jonathan and the ruling party.

Olejeme who spoke at a gathering of Yoruba and Hausa youths and students from across the country in Abuja, expressed satisfaction with Dr. Jonathan’s administration and said Nigerians want him to continue his good works.

“President Jonathan’s strategic development moves in office show that if given another term, he would transform the country beyond imagination”.

Emphasizing that President Jonathan is going to the February 14 Presidential Election with enough confidence that his achievements will pave way for his return to Aso Rock for a second term of four years, Olejeme said Nigerians would  show appreciation for the way he administered the country in the last four years by voting massively for him.

She praised the president for his leadership style.

“President Jonathan has been tested. He has rich antecedents. He has political pedigree. He has shown admirable doggedness and commitment against all odds. He has introduced new vista in the history of governance in Nigeria” she said.

On the expectations of Nigerians at home and abroad, Olejeme said President Jonathan would ensure rapid economic growth and development.

“He will continue to create jobs, alleviate poverty, fight corruption and uphold the virtues of human rights. He will ensure self-reliance in food production. He will continue to expand our export potential to diversify our sources of foreign exchange. He will improve manpower development and our health care delivery system. He will guarantee equal opportunities and rekindle in the citizenry a faith in their fatherland. He will continue to promote national unity. He will continue to pursue appropriate policies.

“He will give housing boost; devote attention to the welfare of senior citizens, expand female horizon by complying with the Beijing Manifesto. He will give consideration to the national spread of development projects” she said.

She also urged all members of the PDP to join hands with the president and ensure his victory at the general polls slated for February 14, 2015.

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