“All Igbos in the North should all leave now”, Asari Dokubo warns!!!

DAsariobukoAlhaji Asari Dokubo of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteers Force (NDPVF) vowed to retaliate the alleged stoning of President Goodluck Jonathan’s convoy when he visited Kastina state.

Dokubo also bitterly condemned the signing of the non-violence peace accord by Jonathan, saying, “For every action, there would be an opposite and equal reaction.”

“To be very frank, on that day they were signing the accord I was very angry, signing with who?” The president has sworn to protect the lives of every Nigerian, so why would he take another oath after taking the constitutional oath?

“Buhari’s statements concerning peace accord was meant to deceive Nigerians”, saying Nigerians should not believe him.

Speaking on bringing about peace, Dokubo said, “nothing will happen if the Northerners do not engineer violence, adding that anything contrary, he and his people will not fold their arms”.

“The question is not for me, it’s for Buhari, Shakau and others who can not stop their people from stoning Jonathan when he visited Kastina”

“We know there are going to do what they know how to do best after election, but my message to all the Igbo in the North is that they should all leave now, including all the corporals serving there, let them come back home because they will do it again after Jonathan must have been declared winner.”

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