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Tribute to Nelson Mandela

A soul born of black soil
Fearless, untiring. An African
Whose bleeding sweats
Made angry weapons mute

A courageous lion
Big-hearted, strong, brave
So unafraid to fight
Apartheid—that bloody vampire

The massager of hope
A man with scruples
A dream, of change that
Changed the world

One man daring all the evils
And overcoming them
Leading broken slaves
Out of a crushing chains

One man full of strengths
Agelessly incarcerated
Threatened with gallows
Yet, stood on justice as rock

A rock hewed in South Africa
To shield blacks from white winters
By you, talking guns made peace
And shook hands amicably

One million years of prison
Flipped like one day
If it would free black spirit
From humiliating shackles

The real hero
A victor who won without arms
Except power of will
And the love of God

The hero of liberty
The paragon of freedom
Freedom for all Africa
And the oppressed world

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