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Certified Global Swindlers

i do not like the greedy bankers

these are certified global swindlers

parading as professionals. Wearing clean

suits, ties & shiny shows. Smiling spotlessly


no! These folks are not friends but foes

they are slave masters. Riding us all

as though we exist to serve their throats

& bear them as burdens


to them we have become beasts of burdens

conveying them to their dreams of excesses

upon rough roads where economic thorns pierce

sharp teeth under our bloody feet


alas! we have been rip off mercilessly

in this odd season

of fiscal frosty weather

as their gluttony feeds upon our fragile future


we are like sheep. And they—Shepard

fleecing our pricey wools for sale

& turning back & loaning us the money

with towering interest rates


we are misled year after year

by these con artists. To places so unfair

places as dry as Sahara desert

& as deep as the chasm of hell


we have become like the Job of the bible

at risk to bankers’ malicious schemes

here, where we sit confusedly   

suffering the pains of recession


yes, our world is infested

with these skilled charlatans

the rashes they cause us—the itching

have is yet to heal



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