Dangerous ways acidosis impacts on the body

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Calcium and cancer

In order for blood to retain oxygen, it must also remain alkaline. Diet is critical to this process as minerals and nutrients such as calcium that help the blood to remain alkaline are typically obtained through the food we eat. If our diet is lacking in these essential nutrients, it will be forced to find them in alternative sources such as spinal fl uid, the kidneys and liver or saliva. Ironically, this then causes these organs to become acidic and vulnerable to cancer and other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and lupus.

Calcium is actually classifi ed as an alkaline earth metal. Chemically, it makes up about 1.5 percent of the human body.

This invaluable element is involved in almost every biological function within the body. It provides electrical energy to make the heart beat and the muscles move and it is responsible for  feeding the cells and even DNA replication, a crucial process in cellular repair and aging. More importantly, calcium is essential to pH control as it can easily destroy acid in bodily fluids.

As early as the 1950s, researchers discovered patients suffering from various degenerative diseases could actually be cured by consuming large amounts of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and other essential nutrients. Although thousands were cured of cancer by increasing their calcium intake, the traditional medical establishment ignored the evidence and actually condemned and persecuted doctors who suggested this to be a viable treatment for the disease. Today, numerous studies again recognize that calcium can in fact, reduce the risk of all cancers.

Oxygen and cancer

Despite the many claims by various cancer associations and traditional medical professionals that we have yet to find the cure for cancer because we have yet to find the underlying cause, studies have actually shown for years that the fundamental cause of cancer is as simple as low cellular oxygenation levels. In fact, in 1923, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the real cause of cancer and in 1931 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Dr. Warburg showed cancer can only exist in cells in which the respiration of oxygen is replaced by the fermentation of sugar.

In other words, he showed cancer can only exist in acidic, unhealthy cells as these cells don’t use oxygen to survive. Instead, cancerous cells rely on sugar as their primary source of energy.

He showed cancer cells actually become dormant in pH 7.4 and at pH 8.5, cancer cells die while healthy cells live. Warburg concluded if a cell is deprived of 60 percvent of its oxygen it will turn cancerous. He further stated if a cell is deprived of 32 percent of its oxygen for 48 hours it may become cancerous. Typically, a  healthy person has a blood oxygen level of between 98 percent and 100 percent saturation. Cancer patients on the other hand, routinely show blood oxygen levels as low as 60 percent.

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