‘Doctors on Air’ to Nigerians: Know your health numbers and live longer

African Doctors"Know your health numbers and live longer.” This is the catch phrase of the on-going campaign series created by “Doctors on Air” – a unique, interactive health awareness radio programme initiated by PathCare Nigeria designed to enable Nigerians improve their health and live longer and healthier lives.

“It’s about optimizing your health and making the right choices. Don’t get ill. Be healthy. Be well. Be alive,” explained the Managing Director PathCare Nigeria, Dr. Pamela Ajayi, in Lagos last week, during the media presentation of the free “Know Your Numbers” health cards.

The special handy cards which showcase essential health numbers and baselines for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., and for keeping records of vital health parameters such as weight, Body Mass Index, BMI, cholesterol and glucose levels among others. It also includes a unique blood pressure chart that enables individuals take charge of their blood pressure.

“Our health indices are getting worse in Nigeria and everyone needs to take ownership of their health. This campaign is a call to action. We are urging Nigerians to take charge by choosing ‘wellness’ and empower themselves with a greater understanding of their bodies,” Ajayi stated.

Urging Nigerians to take ownership of their health, Ajayi said by getting to know their essential health numbers, the average individuals would become adequately knowledgeable and empowered to make informed choices aimed at attaining wellness and vitality.

“Whether you have high blood pressure, or normal blood pressure, high cholesterol or normal lipids, it’s important you know your essential health numbers. Establishing a baseline, monitoring any troubled areas, understanding your risks and making right choices to improve the quality of your life and live longer.”

One in 4 Nigerians may be unaware they have high blood pressure which is symptomless and unrelated to age or occupation. “This ignorance means they are oblivious to the risks to their health, as uncontrolled blood pressure is associated with heart enlargement, unexpected strokes, heart attacks and sudden death,” Ajayi remarked.

The Doctors on Air series which holds 8 am every Wednesday on Classic FM 97.3 provides opportunity for listeners to obtain credible health information on wellness to weight management, blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and thyroid screening from consultants of different specialties in a clear, simple and culturally acceptable way. PathCare is the first internationally accredited laboratory in West Africa (ISO 15189).

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