The Importance of Sleep and What It Does For Our Bodies

We all know that sleep is important and we all know that most of us don’t seem to get enough. So what is the importance of sleep and what are we missing when we don’t get it? Turns out the list is varied and surprising.

Sleep is one of those things that we too often take for granted. Either we just put up with getting enough hours one night and not enough the next or we seem to perpetually run on few hours. Sometime the stress and hectic pace of our lives makes what sleep we do get not seem restful. The question is what effect does this have on us?

Why do we need sleep? First and perhaps the most obvious, it recharges us. Our energy levels and ability to function are tied into how much sleep we get. Sleep allows our bodies to rest themselves and prepare for the next day. Without enough sleep we are running on less energy the next day which can wear us down.

The need to recharge is not the only reason behind the importance of sleep. Coupled with this recharging is the fact that sleep seems to help our immune system regroup and fight better. Research shows that people who do not get enough sleep are more susceptible to illness and recover slower from injury than those that get enough sleep.

Why do we need sleep? It helps us live longer. This one you may not know, but studies show that people who get seven plus hours a night live longer than those that don’t. Our bodies wear down faster and we don’t live as long if we don’t get our sleep.

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