Woman Who Disappeared 52 Years Ago, Found Living With A New Family

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In September 1961, Lucy Johnson shared a home with her husband and young daughter near Vancouver, Canada.
Then she vanished.
Sheila Reynolds of The Surrey Leader reports that Johnson's daughter, Linda Evans, discovered that her mother currently lives in the Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada — 1,000 miles from their former home in Surrey, British Columbia.
Johnson is reportedly alive and well. Now 77, she has four other children: three sons and a daughter.
Back in 1965 the Surrey Royal Canadian Mounter police dug up the family's yard after learning she had gone missing years earlier than her husband had claimed.
Since then she became one of world's oldest missing person cases.
Evans, now now in her late 50s, attempted to solve the mystery after reading a recent Leader story about Johnson’s disappearance.
Knowing her mother was born in Alaska, she placed an ad in the Yukon News detailing Lucy’s name, place and date of birth, and her grandparents’ names.
She received a phone call from a woman who said that she was pretty sure the woman Evans was searching for was her mother also, which would make her and Evans half-sisters.
“I have a lot of questions. And they’re all ‘Whys?' Evans told the Leader.
Below is a map showing where Surrey is in relation to the Yukon. The city (population: 468,251) is 1,218 miles from the Yukon territorial capital of Whitehorse. Google estimates that it would be a 29 hour drive.
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