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Obama Pushes For “Taco Tuesdays” During Day Trips

AUSTIN, Tex. (CAP) – As President Obama marked the first stop on his Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tour with rhetoric about boosting jobs and opportunities, he waited until the cameras stopped rolling to get down to brass tacks with the residents who had gathered to hear him speak.
"Listen, you told me you needed help getting jobs, I told you to wear slacks," Obama said. "You told me it was raining out, I got you ponchos.
"Now you're worried about everything you've worked for all falling apart, so I have a simple solution," he added. "Taco Tuesdays."
He explained that from a practical standpoint, taco dinners are cheap and easy to put together, cover a wide range of food groups, and provide quality family time as everyone eats around the table and discusses their day with each other.
"And when you're unemployed, that quality family time is really all you have to hold onto," Obama said. "Because let's face it: chances are you're going to be unemployed for so long that we'll stop counting you in the jobless numbers."
From a metaphorical angle, he pointed out that when that taco falls apart, which it invariably will do, it's just a matter of picking up the pieces and continuing on with dinner. He told the crowd that not only does it still taste great, but "you get to lick your fingers afterwards."
SOURCE: cap-news

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