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Meet the doctors delivering Kate’s baby

Now that she's in the early stages of labor, Duchess Kate can depend on a medical team experienced in delivering royal babies.
Her gynecologist is the official surgeon-gynecologist to Queen Elizabeth II and the royal household, Alan Farthing, 50, who's also a consultant at St. Mary's.
Farthing will be assisted by his predecessor, Marcus Setchell, 69, who was the queen's doctor from 1990 to 2008, He delivered the queen's youngest grandchildren, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor and her younger brother James Viscount Severn, the children of Prince Edward Earl of Wessex.
Setchell also was the doctor for Edward's wife, Sophie Countess of Wessex, during her ectopic pregnancy in 2001, and for Camilla Duchess of Cornwall for her hysterectomy.
Farthing is a specialist in gynecological cancer care.
Farthing, as the British media never fails to mention, also is famous in the UK for a tragedy: He was the fiance of a BBC anchorwoman, Jill Dando, when she was shot to death on her doorstep in 1999 in a shocking and still unsolved crime.
Under the plan organized by the palace in advance of the birth, the two doctors were to be summoned to meet Kate at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington by palace-issued encrypted phones. (Once the baby is born, Prince William is to call his grandmother the queen by encrypted phone, apparently to prevent phone-hacking by the media.)
Both doctors also took care of Kate in December early in her pregnancy when she was hospitalized for acute morning sickness.

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