Blackberry to give away free Z10 with every iPhone purchase

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Smartphone manufacturer Blackberry is looking to grow its market share by giving away a Z10 smartphone to everyone who buys an iPhone.
The drastic measure comes as the firm tries to secure its place among the smartphone elite, despite poor sales of its flagship device.
BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins said, “We are confident that by forcing a BlackBerry into the hands of everyone buying an iPhone, then we can at least claim that we have a lot of BlackBerries out there.”
“Our new sales strategy involved hovering outside an Apple store and putting a Z10 into every bag that looks like it contains an iPhone.”
“Then we go to the end of the street, take all the Z10s out of the bin and start again.”
BlackBerry market share
The move has been copied by Microsoft who have taken to giving away their Surface tablet to anyone buying an iPad.
Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said, “We have to move quickly, especially when someone has bought an iPhone and an iPad, as the BlackBerry people are trying to get their stuff into those bags, too.”
“But it’s been a success – so far ownership of Surface tablets is up 200%.”
“And by ‘ownership’, I mean ‘has one on their person when we counted them’.”
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