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Air Circus The news was a duck – “We made a number of mistakes”

San Francisco last weekend, an accident killed two people. American television channel made a follow-up news coverage.American KTVU-TV channel has apologized to the San Francisco airport accident liitynyttä news.
KTVU's news was reported yesterday on Friday, Asiana airline pilots crash the machine names. It was later revealed that the names were incorrect, but had fun.
-We made ??a number of errors. First, we met and we do not check the names of the phone to the phone the person responsible for the position, KTVU's release said.  
Confirmed the names of the TV channel, the U.S. accident investigation center of the phone replied the trainee. Also onnettomustutkintakeskus has apologized and says the trainee to have exceeded his authority.   
San Francisco last weekend, an accident killed two people. Seoul, South Korea, coming was the Boeing 777 was landing when it hit the runway and burst into flames.

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