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George Zimmerman Files Civil Suit Against Trayvon Martin’s Parents

Neighborhood Watch Volunteer George Zimmerman<National Report> THIS JUST IN… George Zimmerman filed a civil suit today just before 5PM EST at the Seminole County, Florida, Courthouse. The suit alleges the parents of Trayvon Martin, failed to control their minor-age son on the evening of February 26, 2012, when Martin repeatedly assaulted Zimmerman, placing him in imminent fear for his life and resulting in the death of Martin.

The civil action specifies that Zimmerman acted in self defense resulting in the case being ruled a justifiable homicide by a jury trial that ended on Saturday with a verdict of not guilty.

Desperate state prosecutors charged the victim with 2nd degree murder though they had no evidence of a crime and hoping to stay off more violence and having Florida put to the torch at the criminal hands of rioters months before the start of the state’s tourist season. The complaint further specifies Zimmerman shares “zero-liability” in the death of Martin as he acted without malice and solely in self-defense. The amount of damages Zimmerman is seeking are unspecified.

Trayvon Martin, 17, Killed by George Zimmerman in Self-Defense

Zimmerman, 29, was forced to move from his home soon after the incident when the domestic terrorist organization the New Black Panther Party publically announced the group was offering a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman, dead or alive. Attorney General Eric Holder later claimed there was no evidence to prosecute anyone from the Black Panthers, a decision that angered most Americans. President Obama supported Holder’s decision ignoring cries of foul from outraged citizens.

Zimmerman has remained in hiding since the shooting nearly 18 months ago and continues to receive thousands of death threats daily.

Before the shooting Zimmerman was well known and highly respected in the community for his volunteer and charity work including organizing the Neighborhood Watch program for his gated Sanford, Florida, community.

The jury’s verdict not only clears Zimmerman as an innocent man but it also justifies the excellent work of the Sanford Police Department who acted appropriately by not charging Zimmerman and clearly citing there was never any evidence to do so.

Under mounting public pressure from the black community the police chief was let go and the department has been vilified for the last 18 months being accused of racism, corruption, incompetency and covering up the cold-blooded murder of a child.

A Brief Summary of the Jury’s Findings…

On the night of February 26, 2012, Zimmerman spotted a stranger walking through his gated community and called 911 reporting the stranger appeared intoxicated and was seen prowling around several private residences in the community. Zimmerman opted to keep an eye on the person until the police arrived. Again desperate prosecutors during the trial would side with the propaganda version of events created by the Black Panthers claiming Zimmerman was pursuing Martin with intent to murder. However the jury easily spotted this turd in the punchbowl in the state’s case.

Zimmerman lost sight of the stranger and decided to return and wait in his car for police to arrive. Instead the stranger approached Zimmerman from behind and dropped him with a single “sucker-punch” to the nose. The victim fell to the ground whereupon the 17 year-old football player, now known to be Trayvon Martin, landed on the victim’s chest, held him down and repeatedly smashed his head into the pavement resulting in several head injuries.

George Zimmerman at Police Station After Shooting Martin

Zimmerman, in fear for his life thankfully had a legal concealed handgun which he drew from his belt holster. The victim fired a single shot at his brutal would-be assassin; the bullet passing through Martin’s heart killing him instantly. It was Zimmerman’s 2nd Amendment right as a citizen to own and carry a handgun that clearly saved his life that night.

Zimmerman dispatched his attacker, now known to be a violent drug addled gangster-thug with a single bullet fired from his handgun. On Saturday evening the announcement came that the jury who tried the case had reached a verdict of not guilty. For obvious reasons this case will go down in the history of American jurisprudence as a true testament to the veracity of our justice system.

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