Media blackout: Mob “hunted” white victims in Cincinnatti

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On Monday, police in Cincinnati arrested a group of teenagers who reportedly terrorized folks in the downtown area, in a series of violent assaults.

All of the beatings and robberies took place between June 1 to July 4.

Cortez Baker, 16, Randolph Jones, 16, and Kentrelle Aldridge, 16, have all been charged with several counts of robbery and assault, and more charges are likely to be filed.

WKRC reported:

    Police say the teens essentially hunted their victims. One says the suspects were passengers on his bus when they targeted him. "They didn't ask me for anything."

    Chad Laumann was beaten and robbed on East Fourth Street last month while on his way to work. Though outnumbered, the 23 year-old says he outsmarted his attackers by intentionally staying in view of the surveillance camera. "So as they're attacking you, you tell them there's a camera. Yes, I tell them there's cameras. And what did they say? They didn't say anything. They just took off running."

Two of the assailants can be seen kicking and punching Laumann, while a third rifles through his pockets.

In fact, it was that same surveillance footage which was essential in the teens' capture.

A Cincinnati bike patrol officer recognized one of the suspects by the distinctive shirt he was wearing, which he also wore on the night of the attack.

In all, police believe the gang is responsible for at least four equally vicious attacks.

Cincinnati Police Capt. Paul Broxterman described the string of assaults to WLWT, as "a pack of lions hunting down a wounded zebra."

On Tuesday, another victim came forward, whose attack was also caught on video.

All three alleged assailants live in a group home operated by Kelly Youth Services and had been given an outside pass for 'good behavior,' the night Laumann was so brutally assaulted.

Police are asking that anyone who has suffered an attack in the area, or has further information on the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.

Of course, not one national media outlet has seen fit to give these racially-charged attacks any coverage, while providing nearly around-the-clock coverage to the George Zimmerman trial.

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