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Obama: U.S. Working To Protect Embassy In Cairo

President Barack ObamaPRETORIA, South Africa — President Barack Obama says the United States is concerned about protests and political unrest in Egypt. He says the top priority is making sure the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and American consulates are safe.

Obama says the U.S. has been in direct contact with Egypt's government and is planning to ensure American outposts are protected during weekend protests.

Obama says the U.S. supports free speech and free assembly in Egypt. He's urging all parties to refrain from violence and urging Egypt's police and military to show restraint.

He says Egyptians are still finding their way with democracy and there's been difficulty focusing on core issues like jobs and the cost of living.

Tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of Egypt's president have been rallying. One American has been killed.

SOURCE: huffingtonpost

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