Justin Bieber’s Dubai Trip Is Not Going Very Well

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Justin Bieber seems to get into trouble when he goes overseas. At his concert Sunday in Dubai, a fan was able to bum rush the stage and briefly attack the spritely Canadian singer.

First of all, Bieber was two hours late for the Dubai show, which is becoming a thing with Bieber lately. He's late a lot. But the concert took a dark turn when a crazed fan, perhaps angry for being kept waiting so long, ran onto the stage. The National reports a 19-year-old was able to attack Bieber, though only briefly, while the singer was sitting at the piano singing a ballad before a horde of security guards jumped on the unwanted fan. Beiber was able to escape the scrum with his perfectly sculpted face unscathed. He scampered over to the side of the stage and continued bopping while his security team walloped this poor schmo into submission. Unfortunately, the piano was knocked over during the melee and couldn't be used for the rest of the show.

News of the attack first spread, where else, on social media. Beliebers in the crowd were tweeting about it, and so was investor Chris Sacca. He was able to get some of the scrum captured in this Vine:
Whoa. Crazy fan tackled @justinbieber and knocked the piano down the stage. Mayhem. vine.co/v/b2uVHAJn0je
— Chris Sacca (@sacca) May 5, 2013
That's Bieber on the right side of the stage bouncing hesitantly back and forth while the security team wrestles with the fan by that poor piano.

This kid seems to have the worst luck whenever he leaves North America. First it was German officials taking away his monkey friend (who he eventually didn't reclaim), and now this. The Atlantic Wire has written before about how Bieber needs some kind of parental influence, but that's never going to happen. And it maybe, possibly gets even worse. There's a Reddit thread alleging that Beiber is backstage hiding from authorities because they want to arrest him. Take that with a huge grain of salt, obviously. There were similar reports on Reddit yesterday but the Biebs was never placed in handcuffs. We'll update this space if there's anything to that report. Apparently they're mad about one of Bieber's friends dressing in traditional garb and then behaving like an idiot on stage.

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