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Obama to send U.S enyoy to dictator Hugo chavez but not to Margaret Thatcher's funeral

In an amazing snub, Barack Obama, who sent an official delegation from his administration to Venezuela for tyrannical socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez’s funeral, won’t send one to Great Britain’s Margaret Thatcher’s.

This is shocking, but I guess it shouldn’t be (although it still is!).  One of Marxist Obama’s first shamefully embarrassing, classless acts as president was to return a bust of the great British leader, Winston Churchill, a gift from Britain to the U.S. which was displayed in the White House.  It was such a disgusting act that the Obama propaganda machine originally lied about it, calling the story “100% false.”  Finally, they had to admit it was true, but like all decisions made by “Dear Leader” Obama, it was largely ignored by the mainstream media.  It should have been a strong warning to Americans about Obama’s ideology.

As with all things Obama, his words are a contrary indicator of what he actually does.  His official statement about the passing of Baroness Thatcher, included saying,

With the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the world has lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty, and America has lost a true friend.” 

Fair enough.  All true. When I heard that portion of his statement, I was shocked that he would describe the former Prime Minister in such glowing terms, considering he stands diametrically opposed to everything she stood for. But that wasn’t all, Obama even dug deeper, saying he and Michelle were continuing her legacy:                    

“Michelle and I send our thoughts to the Thatcher family and all the British people as we carry on the work to which she dedicated her life.”  

You would think both he and Michelle are huge fans of Lady Margaret Thatcher, wouldn’t you?  His words certainly indicate that he is.  But, as we’ve learned, his words are meaningless.  Watch his actions.  His actions are that he is not sending a U.S. delegation to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, the first female Prime Minister of American ally, Great Britain, and a great one at that.  So why would he send one to Hugo Chavez’s funeral?        

“I have said it already, I am convinced that the way to build a new and better world is not capitalism. Capitalism leads us straight to hell.”Hugo Chavez

The truth is that there is no difference in Obama’s political ideology from Chavez’s.  None. Chavez hated America and everything it stood for, yet “our president” gladly and proudly sends representatives from his regime to attend the madman’s funeral.  Margaret Thatcher loved America, loved free markets, loved individual liberty, and was instrumental in joining with Ronald Reagan in bringing down the evil communists in the Soviet Union.  No wonder he’s snubbing her.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websites. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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