US: Sarah Palin’s smart not to run, supporters say

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Sarah Palin wasn’t ever really going to run for president, was she? That’s Donald Craig Mitchell’s guess. In an Op-Ed that discusses Palin’s decision not to run, Mitchell says she’s long prioritized her celebrity career over her commitment to public office, reminding us of Palin’s lucrative deals that followed after she quit as Alaska’s governor, including a seven-figure contract with Fox News.

After three years of tweeting, hinting and eyelash-batting, on Wednesday Sarah Palin announced that she was not running for president. Her Facebook friends are disappointed. But for Sarah-watchers in Alaska like me, the announcement was long expected, old news. […]

For the past two years that's how Palin has spent most of her time: promoting books, making paid television appearances, giving paid speeches. During that time she made no effort to establish campaign organizations on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Nevertheless, with the filing deadline for the New Hampshire primary election less than a month away, until Wednesday millions of Americans were still wondering about her intentions.

While some readers on our discussion board side with Mitchell — and also express relief that Palin isn’t joining the race — others have used the space to support Palin’s decision.  Here’s a sampling.

Props to Palin for choosing high-paying gigs — obviously something lazy liberals don’t understand

As someone who supported Sarah Palin and wished she had run I can assure you I don't feel scammed. I can speak for many of her supporters who feel the same way. I can also tell you we already knew it was a long shot that she was going to run. It's funny that those on the left make a list of high paying jobs as though it was an insult. What is it about the left and not wanting to work? So wink, wink, nudge, nudge no I never felt teased.

As for her PAC we are mostly well informed and we knew that no matter if she was going to run or not by law she wouldn't have been allowed to use those funds. So you see no one was ripped off on that.

Here's a funny thing though. I came to this hit piece when I saw it in the sidebar while reading an article on the Fast and Furious operation. Surely your venom would be better served on that article. You know the Obama administration pumping illegal weapons into Mexico? Weapons that are killing many Mexican citizens and have indeed been traced to the killing of federal agents.

I'm sure I could go on that article and see all your user names there, right? I won't hold my breath.


Washington is too corrupt for Palin

I do not blame Sarah one bit for dropping out of the presidential race. Too much corruption in the Washington, D.C., crowd. I would not run if they paid me one million dollars per day. I choose better friends than those running our country. I pray that God will give our politicians wisdom so that wise decisions are made, and making certain that God is in these decisions.

–Len Heinrichs

Palin’s one great-lookin’ 'outsider'

Sarah Palin is far more effective as an "outsider" than she could possibly be as an elected politician. And, she's having more fun and making a lot more money.

She's a smart, conservative, principled, honest, successful great-looking woman — a left-winger's nightmare.

Way to be, Palin; keep up the good work.


Perhaps she'll teach Obama how to give a speech

Whenever Mr. Obama accidentally enters the terrifying world of extemporaneous speech, he collapses in a heap of uhs and ahs and usually ends up with his foot in this mouth.

Perhaps now that she is not entering the presidential race, Mrs. Palin, who is a brilliant and inspiring extemporaneous speaker, might offer to give Mr. Obama speech lessons. He certainly could use them.


Spelling errors in the above comments have been corrected.

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