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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his country and India “have some understanding” should India decide to unilaterally carry out combative action across the Line of Control against UN-designated terrorists, a statement that is indicative of an endorsement of India’s right to defend itself.

In an exclusive interview with Times Now, when specifically asked if Israel would back such an action, Netanyahu said, “Well, let’s say this, we have some understanding and I don’t think I have to add beyond that,” before adding that the Indo-Israeli partnership is not directed against any specific country.

“We (Israel) are not enemies of Pakistan and Pakistan should not be our enemy either,” he said.

Asked about the Palestine issue, he said, “Israel does not claim to be a perfect country. I don’t know any country which is without problems. But, we extend our hands in peace to our neighbhours. It is unfortunate that at least on the Palestinian side, we haven’t seen a reciprocal response.” He also claimed, “Israel is no longer viewed by most Arab countries as an enemy, but as an indispensible ally in their battle against radicalism.”

  He also described India-Israel ties as a ‘partnership of civilizations and of democracies.’ Netanyahu said, “I was in one of the centres of excellence in Gujarat, where Israeli agricultural know-how is being transmitted to Indian farmers. Five farmers told me growing vegetables had helped increase their income four-five-fold. I said, ‘this is tremendous’. If we can have that multiplied for all, it means we just raised the living standard of a massive number of Indians.”

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