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Bodies of Missing Teens Found Near River

pageA post from the Facebook page dedicated to the search for the missing teens Jake Ziegler and Ray Pierce, confirmed the worst Sunday night. 

The bodies of both boys were recovered in Kershaw County near the Wateree River off of I-20, the post stated.

It appears to be a single car accident. Earlier in the search, officials were looking in the Blythewood area for the boys who disappeared from Catawba County, NC. 

The post in its entirety follows: 

We are sadden to say that the bodies of Jake Ziegler 18, & Ray Pierce have been found approximately an hour ago. Search crews along the Wateree River found the bumper of the car off of I20 East near the 96 mile marker. According to Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews, the bumper had the license plate from the car as well. It seems to be a single car accident. There is no proof that another vehicle was involved. There are no other details at this time and you all will be updated as soon as we can. We could not update you at that time due to not all the family had been contacted.

For everyone who wants to send prayers to the family, please send a private message on here and when Sue Ziegler has time she will view them. We just ask for everyone to please give them a little breathing room at this moment. Please continue to pray for them for this will be the hardest thing they will go through in their life and we want to thank all of you wonderful Prayer Warriors to help them along the way. Again, when we know more, we will let you know. Thank you & God Bless.

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