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Davis endorses Clinton, blasts Cruz as “not fit to lead” (Abortion Barbie)

Update at 6:33 p.m.: Former Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis touted Hillary Clinton’s experience and grit, while castigating Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as “not fit to lead” during a coffee klatsch for Clinton in Austin Wednesday evening.

Speaking to about 40 people, Davis endorsed the former secretary of state’s presidential bid.

“Hillary has demonstrated for many years her exemplary ability to lead in the face of real challenges,” she said. “We need someone like that.”

Davis said that as the nation’s first female president, Clinton would “hopefully knit this Congress back together” and promote an agenda of “things that really matter to American families.”

Speaking with reporters, Davis blasted Cruz and other Republicans in Congress who are willing to force a government shutdown to prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving federal Medicaid funds of any kind.

“The idea that we are playing with people’s lives … in order to score political points with the extreme base of the Republican Party shows that Ted Cruz and others who are in agreement with him are absolutely not fit to lead this country,” she said.

Davis dismissed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ chances of catching Clinton in the Texas Democratic primary in early March. People remember Clinton and her husband Bill’s past work in and contributions to Texas, Davis said. She largely avoided answering a question about Vice President Joe Biden.

Asked about her own future, Davis said she’s game to run for office again. But she offered no details

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