Muslim ‘Hijab wearing’ teen wins ‘best dressed’, shatters stereotypes

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Abrar Shahin, 18 and Muslim, was awarded 'Best Dressed' by her New Jersey high school, shocking her even though she had earned it.

Looking at her street style and the confidence with which she pulls off her looks, the honour comes as no surprise.

'My fashion inspiration is definitely Queen Rania of Jordan,' Says Shahin, who wears a hijab as part of her Muslim faith.

'She keeps up with all the fashion trends while looking elegant and modest! My other fashion inspirations are the hijabi fashionistas on Instagram.'

18-year-old Shahin's love of fashion came at an early age, growing up making clothes for her dolls as a kid.

Once she started wearing a hijab, that interest didn’t fade.

'My hijab is my crown. While wearing it, I feel safe and confident with myself. I have the power to let people see who I truly am.'

Shahin’s Clifton High School classmates voted the fashionista 'Best Dressed', after having seen her for who she truly is.

'I am honored to come from a generation that is accepting. My sister, who went to Clifton High School 10 years ago, said she would never have imagined a hijabi winning this award,' Shahin said in an interview.

Shahin says:

'As a young Muslim-American woman, I just want to let every girl out there know that they should not be afraid to express themselves through their style! Growing up in this society can be difficult, but the only way to advance and break stereotypes is to stay true to ourselves and beliefs.'

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