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Mother charged in murder of daughter tied children to radiator as discipline

A Newark, USA, mother, Krisla Rezireksyon, has been charged alongside a caregiver, Myriam Janvier, in the death of her daughter, eight-year-old Christiana Glenn, after it was revealed that they tied her children to radiators as a form of punishment.

The girl was discovered dead in the family's apartment in May 2011, and Janvier told police how she and the girl's mother would discipline Glenn and her two younger siblings.

Guided by their faith, Janvier said she and the children's mother would tie the children to radiators and make them kneel on salt while sometimes delaying feeding the children.

Janvier confessed to police:

"Christ talks to us personally. It's not easy to be a Christian."

27-year-old Janvier and Rezireksyon who is 33, are facing murder and related charges for allegedly killing Glenn, and abusing and neglecting Rezireksyon's two younger children.

Authorities have said Glenn was emaciated and had an untreated broken leg, and her siblings – Solomon and Christina Glenn – were also starved and sustained fractures that went untreated.

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