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Puppy Rapist Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

An 8 month old pit bull puppy in Daytona Beach, Florida, is finally saved after her rapist owner is sent to state prison for 5 years. And a tough 5 years it will be. James Guy Bull, 62, has plead guilty to raping his dog after neighbors complained to police and they launched an investigation. Bull is guilty of 2 felony counts of Cruelty to Animals, and 2 misdemeanor counts of Sexual Activity with an Animal and Animal Cruelty.
      Bull was reportedly seen by a neighbor committing the sexual act with the 8 month old female puppy. Bull, 62, then dropped his dog and pulled up his pants. Other neighbors say that they saw James Guy Bull on multiple times fondling his dog’s private area. Right out there on his front porch!
       Florida State Atty. RJ Larizza said after Bull got sentenced, “The facts of this case are incomprehensible and vile. The defendant’s abuse of the helpless dog shocks the collective conscience of the citizens of the 7th Court and beyond.” He said that exactly right.
      When police came to Bull’s house they found the puppy chained to the front porch with no way to move, no water, no food, no shelter and “clearly emaciated,” according to the affidavit. The only 8 month old puppy whined and cried and was “obviously skittish and afraid.” The police found actual signs of sexual abuse on the puppy. Bull was arrested and sentenced to 5 years down state. It is clear that when the things Bull did to that puppy are found out by the convicts those same things will probably be happening to him. For a long, long time.
       The puppy now renamed Rose has been adopted by a rescue shelter and is now known to be recovering and doing well. Thankfully, Rose the dog lives the good life now.

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