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25-yr-old woman charged for trying to sell her baby for $500

Elizabeth Gayton, 25, and her partner Corryaune Paige made two attempts at getting rid of little Annabel, Cleveland police claim.

While bartering, mother-of-four Gayton allegedly left her two-year-old with a stranger she had met the day before.

Police were contacted after she returned for a second time to the west side of the Ohio city to pester relatives to buy the baby.

Annabel is now in the care of her grandmother, Sally Gayton, who has helped raise 11 children, 33 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

Sally Gayton told the station her granddaughter has demonstrated multiple times that she is incapable of raising children.

"It makes me mad to think of what this little kid had to go through for her mother to treat her like that," she told Foxin an interview.

"They don't deserve to have any kids if they were going to do that. I would have had them."

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