Man strangles girlfriend because she complained of his bed wetting

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 A 26-year-old man has been charged for attempted murder after he strangled his girlfriend because she complained about his bed wetting.

A 26-year-old North Wales man, Phillip Davies, has been arrested and charged to court for strangling his 25-year-old girlfriend, Keelie Challoner, because she complained of his bed-wetting habit, the Wales News Service reports.

According to the police, Davies had spent the night in Challoner's house when he urinated on the bed and she woke up and noticed what he had done, she got angry with him and told him to throw the wet mattress out of the house.

Embarrassed and shamed by his woman's reaction, Davies throttled her and squeezed his hands tightly around her throat which made Challoner think she would die.

Sentencing, district Judge Gwyn Jones told Davies:

"You took issue with the fact that she understandably did not wish to have a soiled bed in her house.

You became offensive towards her then violent. She did not know whether she was going to live or die."

Davies pleaded guilty to assaulting Miss Challoner, while the court heard from his defense that he was at ‘rock bottom’ at the time of the incident.

After he was convicted of the crime, Davies was sentenced to six months behind the bars.

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