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27-yr-old woman N3m a month from abortion money from 54 boyfriends

27-year-old Natasha Brown stumbled on a scheme and is making as much as $15,000 pounds, (about N3 million), a month by extorting abortion money from her numerous boyfriends, reports Viral

Brown made headlines when she was arrested by the Baton Rouge, USA police, for having too much money in her vehicle and when she was brought in for questioning, she revealed her shocking money making scheme.

According to the police, Brown confessed to having as much as 54 boyfriends and they each give her between $400-500 every month month for abortion money.

She also told the police that every three weeks, she tells all 54 of them that she is pregnant, and they give the money to her.

She told investigators that the money was rightfully hers, insisting that she was a 'self-employed entrepreneur' who had multiple boyfriends and that she was using what she has to get what she wants.

Hear her:

"I have at least 54 current boyfriends and after 3 weeks of unprotected sex, I tell them I’m pregnant and not ready for a baby.

I then ask them for abortion money. I been earning over $10,000 a month doing this I don’t get tired."

Natasha Brown was not charge with anything and police was forced to allow her to keep the $60,000 they found in her vehicle.

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