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Bomb-making materials found in home of teenager who vowed to cause mass deaths in his school

Police have found bomb-making materials in the home of a 16-year-old student who had vowed to cause mass deaths at Edmond North High School, Oklahoma.

Edmond police spokeswoman, Jenny Monroe, said officers also found handwritten and typed plans on how he would execute the death plan in his room, Herald Democrat reports.

“He said he wanted to leave a legacy,” Monroe said.

Fuses, detonation materials and blueprints on how to make bombs were found during their search.

“He was in the building and testing phases,” Monroe said.

“We are going to be testing other evidence we found.”

Police bomb dogs searched the school but found no explosives.

The student's mass death plan was exposed by two of his friends and his therapist last Friday.

Suspecting that their friend was planning to commit suicide, the two students had reported to their school's counsellor.

He was then taken to a mental health facility where he is still being treated.

Edmond schools spokeswoman, Susan Parks-Schlepp, identified the suspect as a former student, suggesting that he has been automatically expelled.

“We are very pleased the (friends) provided critical information that helped the school district and police department investigation,” Parks-Schlepp said.

It is believed that the teenager is working alone.

“We believe this was a legitimate threat,” Monroe said.

Edmond North Principal Jason Pittenger has assured parents of the safety of the students.

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