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Former Secretary of State says using her personal email account for work was ‘convenient’

Hillary Clinton has finally given her side of the story in her use of personal email for work duties saga.

Speaking at a press conference, Clinton said she did it primarily for the sake of convenience as she didn't want to lug around 2 phones.

She however stated that contrary to speculations that her email could have been compromised, she set up her own personal home email server on a secure network.

Clinton explained that since she couldn't do personal email on her government-issued phone, she set up her own server, using the domain, and a server that possibly  ran out of her Chappaqua, New York home.

The emails she sent from this server to state department officials at their .gov addresses would be saved on the government servers.  This is the email that she’s now asked the State Department to release, the rest, however remains private.

The former Secretary of State assured that it was a secure system, saying:

 “It was on property guarded by the Secret Service and there were no security breaches. So I think that the use of that server… certainly proved to be effective and secure.”

But experts insist that it was a highly risky approach given the activities of hackers and her highly sensitive position as United States Secretary of State.

According to The Wired, attackers are capable of some very sneaky and technologically accomplished attacks which makes knocking over a home-brew email server not too far-fetched, as seen with break-ins at RSA, Sony, and the US government itself.

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