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Married woman confesses to sleeping with 3,000 men

A 63-year-old married woman, Marie Calvert, has confessed during an interview with the Guardian that she has had sex with more than 3,000 men in the last 35 years and that her husband, Barry, does not see anything wrong with that.

In the interview, Marie from Sheffield, UK, says she is one of those women who separates love from sex and adores experimenting.

She said she was a one man woman who slept with her husband alone until she was 28 and then, somehow turned bad and decided to act out her fantasy.

She narrates her experiences over the years?

"It was the night I slept with 14 men that I first started to try to work out how many partners I've been with. The truth is, I'm not sure.

My conservative estimate is about 100 guys a year for more than three decades. I'm 63 now and I've slowed down a little – but only a little. Why do I do it?

Having sex isn't something I do for a living, but it is my passion. It's the most enjoyable, exhilarating, satisfying way to spend your time. Some women like yoga, some like badminton. I like carnality.

I am actually married. Barry and I have been together since I was 15 – we wed when I was 19, have two grandchildren, and he's my world.

But neither of us puts sex on a pedestal. We see it for what it is: separate from love. It's not natural to stick with one sexual partner for 60 years.

Life is about experimenting and experiencing, and that's what we do. Barry goes with other women. I don't get jealous because I know he loves me."

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