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Late dad-to-be buried with scan photo of unborn baby

A 22-year-old man, Will Page, had been looking forward to see his yet to be born child but that dream has blown up as he was killed by a parking metal barrier that swung into his van.

And to be bonded with his unborn baby, he will be buried with the scan photo of the child that he will not live to see.

The young dad-to-be, an apprentice engineer, was leaving a car park on an industrial estate when the metal barrier caught by a gust of wind, swung through the windscreen of his van, and crashed into him.

His pregnant girlfriend, Rachael Cross said that the honour is the only way to make sure Page bonds with the unborn child he had been excitedly expecting.

"He’d left me in bed while he went to do up his car. His last words to me were ‘Love you, bye’ and off he went. That was the last time I saw him.

The barrier was one you’re supposed to bolt back when you go through but Will hadn’t. As he came out a gust of wind blew it straight through the windscreen.

I’m determined now to be the best mum and dad there is."

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