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Martin Luther King’s Legacy Extends beyond American Shores, Says Adefuye

The Nigerian Ambassador to the United States, Prof Ade Adefuye, has said the legacy left behind by Martin Luther King Jr. extends far beyond the American shores, saying his “preaching and principle of non-violent approach to overcome oppression and injustice inspired a generation of African nationalists who led the struggle against colonialism across Africa in the 1960s.”

While speaking recently at the Martin Luther King Jr. annual award, Adefuye pointed out that King’s contribution to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa was well documented, with a steady stream of letters to the United Nations, saying his appeal “for action against apartheid in 1962 led to the establishment of the UN Special Committee against Apartheid in 1963.”

“Martin Luther King Jr’s life was a life of service and sacrifice. Indeed, he paid the supreme price fighting for equality and respect for African-Americans, the economically disadvantaged and victims of injustice. What is really remarkable about this remarkable man is that he sought change – he sought to improve society – by non-violent means,” he added.

He stated also that his struggle encouraged compatriots to live up to the great purpose and potential of America, saying he “sought to make America and the whole world a better place.

“Dr. Martin Luther King’s principle of non-violence is particularly relevant today when violence, terrorism and senseless killings of innocent people in several countries have become the new normal. Dr. King’s life and struggle remind us that it is possible to achieve social objectives by means other than violence’, he added.

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