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Bill Kristol: Obama Responds ‘Childishly’ to Beheading

Conservative editor Bill Kristol says President Barack Obama's lackluster response to the beheading of American journalist James Foley smacks of the dismissal of the Nazis during World War II.

"To have an American murdered and have the president just go out and say he's very angry . . ." Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, said Wednesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

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"I saw that line he [said] so childishly, really . . . 'ISIL has no ideology that's worthwhile. People like this ultimately fail.'

"The Nazis also failed, but they killed 6 million Jews and tens of millions of other people along the way."

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Kristol, who is also an ABC News political commentator, said he also was disgusted that the commander in chief went off to play golf after his statement about the Foley execution.

"I guess he thinks that's enough, and now he's playing golf up on Martha's Vineyard. David Cameron, the prime minister of England, has . . . much less of a connection — the murderer might be English — and he came home at least as a gesture of respect," Kristol said.

"Really, the president has to play golf with [former pro basketball star] Alonzo Mourning?"

Kristol said Obama is "terrified" of getting involved in a full-blown war with ISIS, which has been slaughtering Christians throughout Iraq in a bid to create an Islamic religious state.

"These guys are coming after us. They're coming after any American they can get their hands on and others in the region. They're going to come after Poland and Americans elsewhere in Europe and others," Kristol said.

"Obama's response is so inappropriate, so out of scale to the magnitude now of the challenge and the grotesqueness, really, that is this group."

Kristol also weighed in on the controversial indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is charged with two felony counts of coercing a public servant and abusing his official powers.

"It's just ridiculous. They have overreached," Kristol said, adding that the indictment put Perry in the spotlight and increased his chances for another Republican presidential bid in 2016.

"He's good on immigration, he's good on border security, he's strong on foreign policy, and the mood now of the country as a whole is probably a little more – if we have a tough guy in there who would stand up to ISIS."

"The border is being overrun, terrorism is rampaging in the Middle East. Can we just get someone in there who would be tough enough to take on these characters? That sets up a situation where someone like Perry might become a plausible presidential nominee."

He noted that former Texas Rep. Tom DeLay was acquitted after "eight years of being chased around by Texas political enemies" after an indictment.

"Conservatives understand that. They don't believe that this is a legitimate indictment. I'd like to see someone fighting back," Kristol said.



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