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Another person has been reportedly killed while attempting the ice bucket challenge. Sergio Cardozo reportedly died on camera while doing the ice bucket challenge with two fellow friends. In the video, Sergio is seen sitting on a chair with a helmet on as two friends are holding a bucket from a balcony. The two friends are holding a plastic trash bin full of ice water and drop the whole trash bin on his head.

The "ice bucket challenge gone wrong/slippery bucket" version of the rumor got a boost on Twitter when a parody account spread the video without attribution. Many users appear to have mistaken the account for that of the rapper Drake, as both accounts have the same display name:

Close examination reveals that the Twitter handle of the parody account is not spelled correctly.

An earlier claim made by the same site involved the second scenario, in a somewhat self-contradicting narrative. In that version a woman named Latasha Brown accepted the ice bucket challenge from a Facebook friend, only to die in under a minute due to a heart attack or hypothermia:

Latasha Brown accepted a friendly online challenge invite from her best friend via Facebook the challenge is to toss a bucket of ice cold water over your body. [Latasha] Brown died from hypothermia 30 seconds later her frozen body was rushed the the hospital where coroner Will Jackson declared her death.

The ice bucket challenge continues to be a popular topic of discussion on social media sites, but thus far no verifiable reports of serious injury or death resulting from the challenge have emerged.



Chances are you've seen the "ice bucket challenge" mentioned on Facebook or Twitter, especially now that celebrities and other notable figures have been participating in the meme. But as new entries are posted, a rumor suggesting ice bucket challenges can be fatal has circulated as well, with a few versions of the tale often accompanying posts about the social media trend. Users have asked about the rumor, and concerns about the safety of the ice bucket challenge have proliferated.

Several variations have been suggested as part of the ice bucket death rumor, but most frequently the ill-fated charitable party is said to have fallen victim to a slippery ice bucket or died of shock after being exposed to freezing water. One such claim suggesting the former originates from a "satirical" website, alleging that a teenager was killed by a falling ice bucket in an incident captured on video:


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