Sarah Palin Claims That God Wants President Obama To Be Impeached

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Since John Boehner doesn’t want to impeach Obama, Sarah Palin is appealing to a higher power by claiming that God wants President Obama to be impeached.

Palin tried to revive her case for impeachment at the Western Conservative Summit, “I’m hearing some argue for ‘cautious inaction.’ They’re terming it. They’re saying ‘Well Obama’s policies expose his failures anyway, so why rock the boat.’ But that argument, it misses the point. Folks he is radically changing the balance of power. It’s setting a wicked dangerous precedent. With his pen and his phone, hes abrogating his presidential authority. Making himself a ruler not a President.”

This is why, according to Sarah Palin, God wants Obama impeached, “This president’s forgotten man is we the people, and we the people know that our best days are still ahead because we know that God shed his grace. He’s given us our freedom to do what’s right. God doesn’t drive parked cars. I think he expects us to get up and take action in order to defend these freedoms that are God given. I think it’s an affront to God to let this go on because he gave us these freedoms. We’re not going to let someone, a person, a party take them from us. We’re not going to dethrone God and substitute him with someone who wants to play God.”

That is some serious crazy that was unleashed by Palin. Now, Barack Obama is trying to play God by carrying out his constitutional duties as president, and since a Democrat in the White House who is trying to do his job is the same thing as playing God, President Obama must be impeached.


See, it makes perfect sense. Only it doesn’t make any sense at all. It seems that God is always telling Republicans to do stupid things. God told Michele Bachmann to run for president. God told Republicans that invading Iraq was a great idea, and now God is telling Sarah Palin that Obama must be impeached. When public opinion is against them, Republicans always have God to fall back on. At least, their highly partisan version of God.

The God that Sarah Palin is talking about isn’t the God of any true person of faith. I think Sarah Palin has confused the Bill of Rights with the Ten Commandments. Contrary to what Republicans like to believe, our political rights came from the writings of Enlightenment thinkers like John Locke.

The argument that God wants Obama impeached is a serious dose of crazy that should be offensive to the millions of people of faith who support this president. Sarah Palin has gone completely off the rails. Her Obama hate is so strong that thinks God hates the president too.

The Secret Service better keep an eye on Sarah Palin, because she sounds more and more like a terrorist


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