The hypocrisy of Developed Nation’s Foreign Policies and the colossal failure of Diaspora Africans

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I have been a proponent that the fate of the African continent lies in the hands of Africans. No amount of foreign aid will solve our problems when we lack basic understanding of the concept of self development and true patriotism. Our dependence on nations that thrives on the principles of capitalism to create a model of self and economic development for us is foolish at best knowing that their partnership is motivated by their image promotions and economic gains. This is because our true economic independence will create another competition that will minimize their monopoly on economic dominance.

The unfortunate explosion of a BP offshore rig that resulted in the deaths of eleven workers and unleashed the nations worst oil spill on April 20, 2010 and the subsequent actions of the government further exposes the hypocrisy of the so called developed nations and their attitude towards the actual value of life with regards to the African continent.  My question to Africans and our various governments is where is the outrage? For 96 days, the British Petroleum has spent nearly $1.6b to clean up the oil spills around the gulf coast, this amount does not includes fines of $69m sought and received by the federal government through the attorney general’s office, it does not include law suits that will be filed by individuals and businesses that have claimed deprivation of their livelihood due to the spill and this is also with the blessing of the federal government through the justice department. According to BP, they are speeding up payments towards 90% of the large commercial claims filed as a result of financial losses. BP further stated that they have approved 337 payments to businesses that have filed claims larger than $5000 a piece. The federal government continues to pressure BP to speed up payments of claims.

This ladies shack was burnt down in fire resulting from spill in the Niger Delta. No compensation recorded. I wonder who is processing her claims. The fisher men on the left also have families to feed. No catch for the day because of oil presence in the lake.  Where is the outrage?


While I am neither an environmentalist nor an ecological expert, the impact of oil spill is glaring even to the eyes of a lay man, many of the long-term effects may remain hidden as natural processes and chemical dispersants break up the oil into small globules dense enough to sink to the bottom. There, it has the potential to affect bottom dwellers for decades. What scientists know about how oil spills can affect the environment – and for how long – is drawn from a range of past events, no two of which have been alike. It means that the leading scientists can build a model for what they think is going to happen, but we may wake up the next morning and not know exactly what to expect.

Young man swimming in a lake glazed with oil from the nearby rigs, what do you think is the life expectancy of this man. Where is the EPA? Look at the proximity of this rig to the shacks in the Village in Niger Delta Most of the oil companies shares are not traded in the Nigerian stock exchange, 90% of all their capital investments are outside the continent, 100% of all their property uses in Nigeria for example are all leased with no long term capital liability to the companies, that means shell can pick up and leave Nigeria tomorrow without waiting to sell their buildings in Port Harcourt, Abuja or where ever else. Where is the outrage? It stunned me to realize that no singular Nigerian organization in the Diaspora has spoken up about the unfairness in attitude of these Multi National Corporations (MNC) particularly the oil companies doing business in Nigeria, particularly with regards to pollution, lack of respect to human life. Most Americans do not have a clue the unfair standards and the trepidation of human lives for these companies to extract oil for their personal consumptions here in the United States, tragedies like the gulf spill has always been a spring board for exposures that results in policy changes, why not in our country?. We have a duty to expose to the western world that spills like this occurs daily in Nigeria, fishermen go days without any catch, villagers breed polluted air daily from gas flaring in the Niger Delta by these same companies. The humane society capitalized on Mick Vick dog fight to affect all kinds of policy changes with regards to animal rights. It kills my mind to see all these foolishness about many Igbo organizations tying up their fate in courts, depositing all their monies in accounts of major banks with very minimal activities that allow the banks to really make money with our money.

Where is the outrage WIC? Where is the outrage ASA-USA?  Where is the outrage Enugu State-USA? Where is the outrage ISCA, Abia State-USA National? Where is the outrage Ebony State –USA?

By our silence are we validating the silent known but ugly fact that the value of life in Africa is worth less even when the chips to change that fact lies in our hand. Has it become a hopeless expectation that Africans at home should not depend on Africans in Diaspora to bring about a much needed change that could benefit the continent. Have we all been good stewards and good ambassadors of our nations? Shall we ever rise beyond our selfish agenda for the common good of others? These are all pertinent questions that need answers. Are you tired of being tired of the foolishness of building an organizations that could be a vehicle for change, drafting the constitution, holding a convention and then breaking apart?

Where is the outrage?

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