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The North Begins A Devious Plot.

yaradua-hausa-politicansLest the rest of the country forgets. In dealing with the North, one need not leave off completely one’s long spoon of political cautiousness. The North has always seen the Nigerian Presidency as its legitimate right, a right that is uncontestable and theocratic in its origin. This sense of entitlement is deeply rooted in the people’s long history of dynastic emirates which could be traced to certain Islamists idea of absolute political hegemony. They North has ruled Nigeria longer.
They have also ruined Nigeria longer. And they are also more zealous to keep longer rule in Nigeria. It seems, in my humble opinion, that the rest of the country would have to really work hard to convince certain northern political entities, that oligarchy or, and monarchy as systems of government has no popular acceptance in the 21st century. Few mounts ago, when the late former president was hospitalized and terminally ill, we all watched as the northern elites played all sorts of deceptive games to inveigle the Nigerian people into believing that the late president was not actually as ill as they (Nigerians) actually thought. In order words, they played ‘retentional’ politics with Yar‘adua‘s pathetic situation. Infuriated by this moral carelessness, many people in Nigeria, including the Noble Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, have asked for an investigation into the neglected manner in which Yar’adua health was handled. In the most recent time, certain political establishments from the North, according to the Nigerian media sources, are now threatening hell if the 2011 presidential election is not automatically parceled and delivered to the North. These political elements are also mounting antagonistic pressures against President Jonathan in order to stop him from expanding the tentacle of his ambition towards the 2011 presidential election. The argument proffered was that the principle of zoning or what is known as rotational presidency should be fully implemented as soon as Jonathan concludes this term of office.
This, in their devious strategy is to allow the North the much dreamed access to regain its historic control of Nigeria. Every politically conscious Nigerian knows that the North has no interest, whatsoever, in the principle of rotational presidency–whatever that means. Reason and fairness should come to play here. If zoning the presidency applies, the North therefore should have known by now that the 2011 Nigerian presidency does not belong to them this time. It would belong to the West. That is, if we should leave out the rest of the minor ethnic group and go only by the triad of the domineering ethnic groups. This is exactly why two party system is best for Nigeria. If Nigeria maintains a dual political party system that will hinge between the mainly Northern idea of conservatism and the predominantly progressive liberalism of the South-East and the West, the country would be in a better position to harness the potentials of quality leadership.
Thus instead of thinking in terms of the bigoted multi-tribal politics, we would be thinking in terms of the choice between the principles embedded in the two political parties–the principles of conservatism and on the other hand, that of progressive liberalism. But at this point, Nigeria cannot afford the politics of the yesteryears anymore. Those so called Northern Elders clamoring to be handed the 2011 presidency are in a mirage. They should know that the younger generations of Nigeria are tired of their greedy and old tribal political tricks which lacks the necessary characteristics of the new century. Tribal politics is primitive in all its ramification and it creates an atmosphere of national retardation within a country.

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