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Elizabeth Warren: ‘I was hurt, and I was angry’ [background as rooted in Native American ancestry]

Elizabeth Warren: ‘I was hurt, and I was angry’ By: MJ Lee April 16, 2014 05:44 PM EDT

Elizabeth Warren “was hurt” and “angry” about attacks on her family and ancestry in the 2012 Senate race, she writes in a new book, defending at length her characterization of her background as rooted in Native American ancestry.

Warren, the first-term Massachusetts Democratic senator, details her campaign to unseat former GOP Sen. Scott Brown in a new book: “A Fighting Chance.” POLITICO obtained an early copy of the book, which is set to be released on April 22.

The book begins with some of her earliest childhood memories of growing up poor in Oklahoma, and reveals personal details about the senator’s life, including her first, failed marriage. It also dives into her views on the 2008 financial crisis and her role in building the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The book’s upcoming release has already created plenty of speculation about Warren’s potential 2016 aspirations — whether she may run or at least seek to shape the political debate surrounding the presidential race.

If there was one takeaway from her 2012 Senate race for Warren, it was that the campaign trail turned out to be more brutal than she could ever have expected. Republicans questioned her integrity, her family members were dragged through the mud and her opponent mocked her appearance in a radio interview.

“What really threw me, though, were the constant attacks from the other side,” she writes about the 2012 Senate campaign. “I would almost persuade myself that I was starting to get the hang of full-throttle campaigning and then — bam! Out of left field, the state Republican Party, or the Brown campaign, or some blogger, would launch a rocket at me.”

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