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Michelle Obama: Malia and Sasha “Want Nothing to Do with Us”

MariaThe First Lady and new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon have established themselves as a winning content-generating duo, having collaborated on the “Evolution of Mom-Dancing” clip, about a year ago, which has accrued more than 17 million YouTube views at this point. Michelle Obama returned to pay Fallon a visit last night, to help close out his first week on the job. This time around, she appeared in a skit with Fallon and Will Ferrell called “Ew” in which Fallon and Ferrell play teenage girls, who greet their new friend Michelle. The skit oscillates between Saturday Night Live-style wackiness (Michelle gives an excellent “shy face”) and Sesame Street-style pedanticism (Michelle spends much of the clip advocating for healthy eating and exercise), but it’s all worth it to her Michelle’s take on the vocal fry-inflected “ew.”
Later in the show, Obama sat down with Fallon for an interview segment, and she was on fire, offering all kinds of quips about the Obama family life:

On Malia and Sasha, after Fallon asked if they’d be watching her appearance on the show: “They are 15 and 12. They want nothing to do with us. They want normalcy and the White House is not normal.” She said Malia has told her, when asked if she wants to have any friends over, that “no one wants to come to the White House.” (Perhaps they’ve all been watching too much Scandal, and assume the White House is constantly under seige and/or the setting for trysts and murders.)

Malia will soon be learning how to drive, and Michelle has given the citizens of D.C. fair warning. “Ladies and gentlemen in D.C., watch out,” she joked. “I have security but look out.”

The president can cook . . . not that anyone would know. “Yes, he can [cook],” Michelle responded when asked. “He doesn’t. [He’s cooked] five times for me.” It wasn’t all jokes and anecdotes, though. Michelle also discussed the Let’s Move campaign, now in its fourth year (she encouraged Americans to post pictures on social media in which they’re “moving”).

And she also touched on Obamacare, telling Fallon young people could be “knuckleheads,” assuming they’re invincible, and they needed to sign up, yelling, “It’s working,” when Fallon started to give details about the site.

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