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President Obama appoints talk show host Oprah as new Ambassador to Russia

President Obama nominated Oprah Winfrey to serve as ambassador to Russia today.President Obama nominated Oprah Winfrey to serve as ambassador to Russia today.
In a written statement, the White House said the veteran broadcaster has been selected to replace Russian policy expert Michael McFaul, who announced last week that he was stepping down after little more than a year on the job.
“Oprah Winfrey is an accomplished businesswoman and a cultural icon” the statment reads,”Although she started with nothing, now this captivating entertainer is worth billions of dollars.
“Achieving her success took an enormous amount of intelligence, tenacity and grit. All of these skills will serve her well representing America’s interests in Moscow as the next U.S. ambassador.
”Since she left The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, Ms. Winfrey has been searching for a way to give back to the American people. Using her considerable communications skills to resolve geopolitical conflicts will further cement her legacy as one of America’s greatest national treasures.”
If confirmed by the Senate, Winfrey will become one of America’s highest profile diplomats and the first African-American to serve as ambassador to a major world power. Confirmation hearings are expected to begin next week.
The Obama administration has been under fire in recent weeks for choosing underqualified campaign donors to represent U.S. diplomatic interests in key countries around the world.

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