Spokesman: Rev. Billy Graham’s health ‘holding steady’

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — While recent updates on the Rev. Billy Graham's health by his family members have ranged from gloomy to upbeat, his condition has remained relatively unchanged for weeks, a close associate said.
Graham has been in a weakened condition since his 95th birthday party Nov. 7, but his vital signs are still strong, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association spokesman Mark DeMoss said Sunday.
"People keep saying different things, some good and some not so good," said DeMoss. "But he's about the same. I think everybody's intentions are good. The family members want everybody to pray for Mr. Graham, and I understand that."
DeMoss said he is in daily contact with Graham's medical staff.
"I think everybody is concerned about Mr. Graham, but we're not getting any different reports from the medical staff," he said. "I'm checking in every day, and there has not been a change for better or worse in the last number of weeks. He's weak, he's at home and his vital signs are good — his pulse, his heartbeat, his blood pressure. He's not in any immediate danger."
Widespread speculation that Graham's health may be deteriorating started last week when his son, Franklin Graham, told a Charlotte, N.C., TV station that his father had been in declining health since the birthday party and asked for prayers for him.
Also last week, the evangelist's grandson, Will Graham, in comments at a California church, said his grandfather "is not doing well" and that "It's time to go home."
But on Saturday, the Rev. Graham's nephew, Mel Graham, said in a TV interview he was encouraged because his uncle seemed stronger late in the week.
"I think we're holding steady," DeMoss said.
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