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The U.S. Treasury Department Will Put Nelson Mandela’s Likeness On A New U.S. Dime

The first Nelson Mandela dimes should go into circulation the first week in January.WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama says that he has given his approval for the United States Treasury Department to go ahead with plans to make a brand new dime with the likeness of South African President Nelson Mandela on it.
Presently President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is on the U.S. dime but plans are to eventually phase out those Roosevelt dimes.
Relatives of Nelson Mandela have expressed their appreciation; especially his great grandson who is a popular comedian in South Africa and who goes by the stage name of Lion Boy.
President Obama has stated that he will personally give the first 200 minted Mandela dimes to the Mandela family as a symbol of the financial goodwill that exists between the United States and South Africa.
In Other News. Outspoken actor Alec Baldwin has hinted that he may be moving to Colorado to see if the air there will make him a little more mellow so that he stops having his ridiculous grade school meltdowns.

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