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New York City To Build A 113 Story Parking Garage

The new 103 story parking garage should be in operation by late September of 2015.NEW YORK CITY – The City Council of New York City has finally approved a bill that would allow for the construction of a 113 story parking garage.
The city council had been discussing the idea for the past six months and they finally approved it when they learned how much revenue it would bring to the city treasury.
Councilwoman Gladys Swindello, 46, stated that she had no idea the tremendous amount of money that a 113 story parking garage would generate.
She also said she loved the idea that every member of the city council would be able to park at the city owned garage free of charge.
The construction firm that will most probably be awarded the contract to build the mammoth parking garage is The Mrs. Goliath Construction Firm of Hackensack, New Jersey.
When asked why the city council would give the contract to a company in New Jersey instead of one from New York, Councilwoman Swindello stated that although the firm is located in New Jersey, it is owned by New York City resident Donald Trump.
SIDENOTE: Unlike most parking garages, this one will allow for RV parking and it will also have three stories set aside for 18-wheeler trucks.

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