Justin Bieber May Take A Whole Year Off

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DETROIT – Justin Bieber performed at The Carburetor Coliseum to a less than packed house.
The little Canadian singer was quite upset at the fact that his fans are starting to abandon him due to his hip hop wannabe ways.
After the concert Bieber sat down with Calcutta Cotton of Music Moments Magazine.
She asked him why he insists on trying to act like he's a black rap artist.
Bieber took a bite out of his Moon Pie and said that he does it to honor his black friends and to show them that just cause he's a little white boy from Canada doesn't mean he can't have a little bit of soul.
Miss Cotton giggled and told him that she was going to be honest with him. He said that was fine with him.
She then said that he has about as much hip hop rhythm in him as boxing champ Floyd Mayweather has female hormones.
Justin's chin just about hit his chest. He then thought for a moment and told Miss Cotton, that he has really been thinking about going back home to Canada and taking a whole year off to gather his thoughts and see what he really wants to focus on.
SIDENOTE: Interestingly enough talk show host Chelsea "The Skank" Handler said about two weeks ago that Bieber needs to take a break and get away from the hip hop life and go off somewhere and realize that he is a little white boy and that he will never, ever be a black rap artist no matter how many times he grabs his crotch.
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