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Domestic violence charges against ‘127 Hours’ amputee dismissed

Aron Ralston, who became famous for amputating his forearm in an ordeal portrayed in the film 127 Hours, was jailed following a weekend domestic dispute with his girlfriend in Colorado. Denver authorities dismissed assault charges against him Monday.
Ralston, and girlfriend Vita Shannon, both 38, were arrested and jailed Sunday for domestic violence and "wrongs to minors" after Shannon allegedly struck Ralston and he shoved her. Charging documents say they were arguing. The couple have an 8-week-old daughter who was at the couple's home.
Shannon still faces two charges and a third charge of disturbing the peace, which was added during a Monday court hearing. Family members are carrying for the child, who was unharmed.
Ralston told police Shannon hit him in the back of the head twice with her fists. Shannon said Ralston shoved her as he left their Denver home. Ralston's father, Larry Ralston, said the couple went out on Saturday night while he babysat.
"We're saddened that this would happen, evolve this way," Larry Ralston said. "We're hopeful that things will work out."
In 2003, Ralston had to self-amputate his forearm after it was lodged underneath a boulder, trapping him in a remote Utah canyon for five days with little food and water. He wrote about his isolated desert ordeal in 2004 autobiography Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Actor James Franco portrayed Ralston in the 2010 film 127 Hours, which became a box office smash and was nominated for six Oscars, including best picture.
Ralston gained celebrity status from the incident, making motivational speeches and championing environmental causes.
Using prosthetics he helped develop, Ralston completed a nine-year project to scale the highest point in all 50 states. In 2005, became the first person to solo climb all 59 of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks in winter.

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