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President George W. Bush Scoffs At The Gay Rumors Regarding Him and President Vladimir Putin

George W. Bush said that he and Vladimir Putin are just two good old boys.Former President George "WMD" Bush was in the Big Apple to appear with Regis Philbin and Larry King on their talk show The Viagra View.
During the show he was asked by Regis why he had lied about there being weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
President Bush grinned, shook his head, and replied that it was all Dicky Cheney and Donnie Rumsfeld's idea.
He then explained that he had wanted no part of it but they convinced him by saying that it was the only way that he could get the American people to back him up 100 percent.
President Bush said he really wanted to invade Iraq in order to corner the market on camels, which are used in the making of dozens of camel dishes.
Larry (King) then asked him about the rumors that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had been involved in an intimate act when the two visited Las Vegas.
Bush started laughing and said that he had heard those rumors before and remarked "My goodness Larry. Have you seen Putin? I mean the fella ain't exactly Brad Pitt ya know."
Larry and Regis started laughing.
"Hey Mr. President, my job is to ask the questions" Larry said matter-of-factly, "And if I don't ask them then some gay guy like Anderson Cooper will."
"I hear ya, I hear ya, but goodness gracious King I do have a wife ya know, and the woman ain't too shabby in the yippie-ki-yay department if y'all get my drift." [WINK-WINK].
Larry blushed and said, "Well I guess that will put to bed that rumor huh."
President Bush giggled and said, "You said bed."

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