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Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen Says He’s Not Racist Because He’s Attracted to Minorities

Washington Post columnist Richard CohenWashington Post columnist Richard Cohen tried to calm the controversy over his recent column on biracial couples by detailing his extensive sexual experience with women across the world, claiming the "best sex of (his) life" has been with "non-white" women.

In an online article that was published this morning — only to be removed an hour later — Cohen addressed the controversy surrounding his Tuesday column in which he said "people with conventional views must repress a gag reflex" when they think about New York City mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's marriage to a black woman and their two biracial children.

Cohen, 72, who has a history of making bizarre and prejudiced statements in his columns, denied that he had an issue with interracial relationships, which have wide support in the United States.

"It was deeply upsetting and hurtful to hear people call me a racist, when I was merely pointing out that this is how I think some people in the Tea Party feel about biracial relationships," Cohen wrote. "In fact, I have no problem admitting that some of the best sex of my life hasn't been with white women; it's been with non-white women.

"So how could I be a racist when I'm color blind in the bedroom?"

World traveler

Cohen went on to detail his extensive sexual escapades with women all around the world, which began when he was attending Hunter College in New York.

"In August 1963, when I was 22, I lost my virginity to a Puerto Rican prostitute named Consuela, whom I met in Times Square. I was looking for a white woman but I didn't have much money, and Consuela offered me the best price.

"Little did I know that Consuela wasn't just a 150-pound, large-breasted hooker in pink pleather pants and jacket; she was a teacher. I learned things that night that I've never forgotten."

Cohen then wrote that as a newspaper reporter, his sexual experience soon expanded to Asia and South America.

"One of my first foreign assignments was with the newspaper bureau in Saigon, covering the Vietnam War. Although I can't say I spent much time on battlefields, when there were so many brothels that needed visiting. Not to mention that Thailand and the Philippines are right next door, and I got up to some crazy things with those ladies."

"Then at my request, I was assigned to the Rio de Janeiro bureau, where it was all sex and sun for me. Believe me, white American girls could learn a thing or two from the ladies south of the border."

Cohen ended his column with a clumsy and perverse apology to de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray.

"As for Mr. de Blasio, I sincerely apologize to him and his wife. Believe me, I love the taste of the sisters. And the fact that Mr. de Blasio's wife is a former lesbian probably means that she's open to bringing home other women for threesomes and group sex. In a future column, I might tell you about my many experiences on that front."

Damage control

Cohen's column attracted about 30,000 comments before The Washington Post removed it from its website an hour after its publication.

When reached for comment, the Post's ombudsman Perry White said the editors thought the article was in poor taste and provided "too much information."

"Right now, we are reviewing our editorial department's procedure for determining what we decide to publish," he wrote in an email.

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