U.S. Romney ’embarrassed’ and ‘upset’ by Christie leaks

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Mitt Romney and President Obama apparently share a common trait: Neither is happy when information is leaked to the news media.
Romney said Friday he was "very upset" that details of how he selected a running mate — including concerns about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — ended up in Double Down, a book about the 2012 presidential race.
"I was very upset that the vetting process that we pursued ended up having a leak in it, than an individual released confidential information that embarrassed my campaign and embarrassed me," he said on CBS' This Morning.
Christie was a finalist to be Romney's running mate but reportedly did not get the job because the 2012 GOP presidential nominee's campaign team had concerns about the governor's weight, punctuality, staff and what book authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann described as "garish controversies lurking in the shadows of his record."
Romney said in an NBC interview earlier this month there was "nothing new" that came out of his team's vetting that wasn't already public or "hadn't already been dealt with effectively by Chris Christie."
Double Down also recounts how Obama once lashed out at his White House staff for leaking to the news media.
Romney said Friday he called Christie "and I told him, I'm very sorry, this is not something he expected."
"When you provide confidential information to a presidential candidate or nominee, you expect him to keep it private," Romney said on CBS.
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