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Obama appeals to backers on health care law (Video)

President ObamaPresident Obama is appealing to loyal supporters to stick with him on the new health care law despite a shaky rollout.
In a video for members of Organizing for Action — a non-profit group of pro-Obama volunteers, culled from his two election campaigns — the president said problems with the new health care website should not overshadow the benefits of the new law.
"By now you have probably heard that the website has not worked as smoothly as it was supposed to," Obama says in the video. "But we've got people working overtime in a tech surge to boost capacity and address the problems. And we're going to get it fixed."
Saying that the health care law is "much more than a website," Obama discusses provisions that allow young people to stay on their parents' policies until age 26, eliminate restrictions on coverage, and provide preventive care.
Obama urged the volunteers to be part of a new "Team Obamacare" to promote the law.
"Remember, nobody ever expected this would be easy," Obama said. "Change never is."

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